CodeWizardsHQ: At School: Coding / Programming Gr. 6-8

  1432C-19D PRMS
  9/11/2019 - 5/6/2020
  3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
  Pearson Ranch:SLAB (next to Library) #313
  CodeWizardsHQ Staff

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This class has a monthly fee of $149 that will be charged to your credit card.

You pay an initial $25 during registration. Upon confirmation of a spot, you will be sent a link to pay the remaining $124 to CodeWizardsHQ. You will then be charged $149/Month by CodeWizardsHQ until you cancel.$10 processing fee non-refundable.

Students learn the fundamentals of programming using Python, a beginner friendly programming language. In this hands-on class, students build fun, engaging projects while mastering fundamental programming principles like variables, loops, conditionals, arrays and more. It also gives them a strong foundation for more complex coding projects. This is an interactive, live class taught by an instructor in real-time (not recorded videos). It s a fun and effective way to learn.