Academic: Huntington Learning Center: Study Skills Gr. 6-8

  3539B-19F DP
  7/22/2019 - 7/23/2019
  Mo, Tu
  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  Deerpark MS:
  Huntington Learning Center Staff

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Huntington Learning Center has developed a new study skills seminar to help students at all levels of their academic progress. It is important to understand the process of time management and the optimal ways to study to increase productivity as well as test scores. Developing this skill set early on will give students a significant advantage over their peers who may not manage their time and studies properly. This 6 hour Seminar will give students new insight into a variety of topics, including: Goal Setting, Note Taking, Study Habits, Memorization Tips, Test Taking Strategies, Essay Writing, Scheduling and Reading Speed.
Monday and Tuesday only