Sports: Wellness Workout & Game Play Gr. 2-6

  3504D-19F GO
  7/22/2019 - 7/25/2019
  Mo, Tu, We, Th
  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  Great Oaks ES:
  RRISD Staff Teacher

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The course will consist of multiple time blocks devoted to different areas of Wellness. The beginning portion will be approximately 30-45 minutes of an age-appropriate workout. Students will be working on cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength & muscular endurance through fitness games and other workout challenges. This will be a workout designed for kids. A second portion will include fun "gym games" that emphasize synergy, communication, skill challenges and Fun! This time could also include board game time. A third portion will include teaching students about nutritious snacks and easy-to-make meals.